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The ability to connect the data network Can Bus a vehicle with a GPS device opens a number of advantages thanks to the large flow of information it generates connectivity. 

The data to be collected by GPS tracking systems can be sent and processed in order to have real-time reporting of critical data such as fuel levels, instantaneous speed, RPM, remaining distance to your next maintenance and many other values ​​of the vehicle. 

The combination of this information in our multi-location platform mark allows easily understand and compare these values ​​in a fleet of vehicles and to generate reports by type of driving (control of driving habits - efficient driving - care driving), Co2 emission or consumption and thus achieve a return on investment much more accelerated.

Location Services

We have overcome the barrier of 100 models of devices available for use in our location platform multi-brand serving more than 12 countries in different sectors of B2B services for geo-location. The wide range of GPS devices available covering almost all sectors and requirements, thus adapting to a variety of different markets. Thank you for your trust and continued support.

In Global AVL understand that good management systems and Fleet Management should be a tool to minimize or eliminate the risks associated with investing in vehicles and improve, through a controlled efficiency and productivity of any fleet regardless of size or process activity.

Tracking Management Platform - New Version - (V 0.8.100719) , description and new features update in our GPS Location Service System. All clients of our Tracking Management Platform can benefices to this big update of our Tracking System.


Tracking Management Platform - New Language 

Added the Portuguese as new language in Tracking Management Platform. This new language is available as default language, user language and culture in all the available options.

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