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Sendum GT300 GPS TrackerSendum GT300 GPS Asset Trackers or construction vehicles, Sendum GT300 can locate your mobile assets both outside and inside a building. Sendum GT300 allows configuration of geo-fencing for control to receive an alarm when the device is moved from the specific area in their automatic vehicle dispatch and has cable connection DC 9V to 36V.

Gosafe G717 (G7S) GPS TrackerGosafe G717 (G7S) GPS Vehicle tracker with direct connection to the cigar lighter. G717 much with quad-band GSM modem to make the GPS location of your vehicle in their service routes or deliveries tasks on anywhere in the world. With Gosafe G717 you can reduce installation costs immediately, being a Plug & Play GPS tracker, ideal for Fleet Management solutions.

Global AVL announces compatibility on Tracking management platform with military standards USC06 information which identifies vehicles with certain characteristics, transport, cargo, cruise and ship insurance information by media watchdogs.

Added French as new Language in our Tracking Management Platform. This new language is available as default language, user language and culture in all the available options in our GPS Location Service.

The answer is very simple, direct, clear and strong: He who can use them.

Before going into detail about aspects that must be considered when selecting a GPS device, delivery assumes that the question is on knowing what it takes.

That is, that I need to cover location for my company or client?

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