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The CAN or Can Bus is a standard used in automotive that allows communication between different controllers with a computer or centralized data collector.

From the year 2004 all vehicles sold in Europe have at least a diagnostic mode of attack, are passenger cars, vans or trucks not only facilitating the prevention and maintenance but also obtaining telematics data remotely.

White Label Tracking Platform: We have included information systems of coordinates GARS and MGRS, as our mapping functions additional information.

These information systems are the standards used in civil security applications, security forces or armed forces where squares visual system is necessary for an efficient management of information along with the re-scheduling of field staff in their field service management.

Of course not! Who would think such a thing? For us ...

There is only one chance to make a good impression. This statement applies to almost all areas, including technology geo-location and of course the GPS devices.

We are not referring to the packaging of the product, we all know that it is difficult for a company to have everything and more considering that talk about products that arise from the design of electronic engineers led by other engineers just once stop thinking about mocmo improve electronic have time to think about other areas of the company with as much dedication as the packaging, marketing and those little details that will not be taken into account by the end customer.

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