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Queclink GV55N GPS TrackerQueclink GV55N GPS Vehicle Tracker dual-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies, GV55N has multiple digital inputs and outputs for monitoring or control external devices. GPS tracker Queclink GV55N to activate its backup battery via a switch and sends emergency reports of their automatic vehicle dispatch, geo-fencing for service routes or deliveries tasks control, low battery or GPS position located active.

Cellocator Cellotrack Power T GPS TrackerCellocator Cellotrack Power T GPS Asset Trackers, with direct connection to DC 9-32V to charge the internal battery allows from the device Cellotrack Power T. GPS tracker Cellotrack Power T has the same technical characteristics as the model Cellotrack T, but is focused on the GPS location in service routes of mobile assets control that have their own power such as trailer or power generators.

Cellocator CR300B GPS TrackerCellocator CR300B GPS tracker used for Fleet Management solutions and vehicle tracking, CR300B is the second edition of Cellocator CR300 tracker.

Meitrack MVT800 GPS TrackerMeitrack MVT800 GPS vehicle monitoring and Fleet Management tracker, with listening function inside the vehicle, MVT800 tracker also allows two-way conversation by microphone. Meitrack MVT800 can control Fuel consumption and temperature of the vehicle, it has IP66 protection (Waterproof) and has GPS / GSM external antennas.

MT80i GPS Tracker integration of Meitrack - Meiligao brand, has voice control with incoming calls to hear around the Personal GPS tracker. Meitrack MT80i is ideal for tracking both people in their field service management and assets in their service routes or deliveries tasks.

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