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Ruptela FM Tco4 HCV GPS TrackerRuptela FM Tco4 HCV GPS Vehicle Trackers Dual Can function that lets you retrieve data from the Can Bus and the digital tachograph at the same time. FM Tco4 HCV is Ruptela model that offers better technical characteristics Driving control and Fleet Management in their vehicles. Ruptela FM Tco4 HCV can control the Driver identification and you can send .ddd data read digital tachographs in vehicles located.

Ruptela FM Pro4 GPS TrackerRuptela FM Pro4 GPS Vehicle Trackers telematics extracting data from the onboard computer Can Bus vehicle, compatible with FMS and J1708 standards. FM Pro4 is a GPS tracker used for Fleet Management and Driving control, can connect up to 12 sensors to measure the fuel level and ensure full control of your fleet. Ruptela FM Pro4 can also control Driver identification through RFID and block remote engine ignition.

Ruptela FM Eco4 GPS TrackerRuptela FM Eco4 GPS Vehicle Tracker with Driver identification and Driving control. The FM Eco4 GPS tracker used in Fleet Management and is oriented towards Green driving, allowing you to control the vehicle location, fuel level, mileage or vehicle speed.

Queclink GV300N GPS TrackerQueclink GV300N GPS Vehicle Tracker that supports A-GPS navigation and GLONASS, the GV300N model is the improved version of the GV300 and features latest firmware. Queclink GV300N can extract data from the Can Bus of the vehicle and measure fuel levels by sensors.

Queclink GV500 GPS TrackerQueclink GV500 GPS Vehicle Tracker with direct OBDII vehicle port connection, GV500 reduce installation costs in its fleet as it is a Plug and Play module. Queclink GV500 get information directly from the vehicle's onboard computer and sent via GPRS network, GV500 has a 250mAh battery backup for continuous and secure GPS location.

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