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AVL 221 GPS tracker integration of Tecnología GPS brand, used for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions.

Finished GPS Vehicle tracker integration FM1120 of Teltonika brand. The GPS tracker Teltonika FM1120 is one of the models sold by the company Teltonika and usually it is used in GPS Location Service via Web with hours of service control of their service routes or deliveries tasks and some scheduled reports, FM1120 also allows the GPS location of their automatic vehicle dispatch by sending SMS from a mobile phone.

Teltonika FM1120 GPS TrackerTeltonika FM1120 GPS Vehicle Tracker or Fleet Management tracker with internal GSM and GPS/GLONASS antennas, FM1120 able to send data with scheduled reports to a GPS Location Service via Web with hours of service control of their field service management or SMS to your mobile phone.

Tangerine TG101 GPS TrackerTangerine TG101 GPS Vehicle Tracker or Fleet Management with quad-band GSM/GPRS modem and GPS locations sent by distance and time in their automatic vehicle dispatch. TG101 can control various external sensors through 3 digital inputs and 1 analog input which provides, capable of storing up to 2000 positions in internal memory of your service routes or deliveries tasks.

Finished Standalone GPS tracker integration ST940 of Suntech brand. GPS Tracker Suntech ST940 is ideal for mobile asset location where there are no power and an Standalone GPS with own battery is needed to perform the GPS tracking.

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