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Velio VDM OBDII GPS TrackerVelio VDM OBDII GPS Vehicle tracker and Fleet Management with direct connection to OBDII port, to provide telematics ECU and Can Bus diagnostics. With the GPS tracker Velio you can receive reports speed, mileage and fuel consumption; by internal G-Force sensor can control the driving behavior of the driver in their service routes or deliveries tasks and thus ensure the Efficient driving of its fleet.

MTS GPS Tracker integration of Spetrotec brand, ideal for Fleet Management solutions and vehicle tracking. Spetrotec MTS with its small size make it ideal for installations where there is not much space similarly need to locate any type of vehicle or mobile asset GPS tracker.

Spetrotec MTS GPS TrackerSpetrotec MTS GPS Vehicle tracker and Fleet Management with integrated GSM antenna, internal/external GPS antenna and backup battery rechargeable Li-ion polymer 3.7V, 1100mA. GPS Tracker MTS has 2 digital inputs, one of those inputs is reserved for ignition detection in their service routes or deliveries tasks and 2 open collector outputs that support up to 150mA. Spetrotec MTS is suitable for installations and GPS location on boats, motorcycles or any mobile asset that needs to be tracked in the field service management.

Vector GPS398 GPS TrackerVector Technology Corp GPS398 GPS Vehicle tracker and Fleet Management with function calls and speaker to talk to the driver of the vehicle in the field service management. GPS398 can send different types of SMS alerts to your mobile phone informing speeding, movement, emergency or theft.

GTE Trax S15 GPS TrackerGTE Trax S15 GPS Vehicle Tracker with Can Bus direct reports Can 2.0 and J1939 standards. Trax S15 has 2 slots to use 2 SIM cards simultaneously and thus not lose the GPS location of their vehicles, it allows connections INMARSAT-ORBCOMM satellite modems. With the GPS tracker GTE Trax S15 can connect an endless external sensors through the different inputs and outputs available.

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