Finished integration of GPS Asset Trackers + Router GPS and Gateway communications CDM-5030 model CalAmp brand. The CalAmp CDM-5030 tracker manages all its internal processes by Linux 3.3 WRT operating system and can send data within the LTE/HSPA/EVDO networks, you can also update the configuration or firmware via OTA.

CalAmp CDM-5030 3G Router Asset GPS TrackerCalAmp CDM-5030 GPS Asset Trackers + Router GPS and communications Gateway with processor ARM9 400MHz 32 bit MCU capable of sending data in the LTE/HSPA/EVDO networks. Router GPS CDM-5030 of CalAmp can track in real time inside a Tracking Management Platform in which all available reports, creating alerts and control of its most valuable assets; CDM-5030 also lets you send SMS-AT commands or commands and update firmware or configuration via OTA.

CalAmp LMU-920 GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-920 GPS tracker designed for Fleet Management solutions and vehicle tracking. LMU-920 of CalAmp can be used within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where monitoring is done in real-time vehicle tracker has been installed.

Cellocator Cello-F GPS tracker integration of Pointer brand, used for Fleet Management and vehicle tracking solutions.

Cellotrack Power 3G GPS Tracker integration of Pointer-Cellocator brand, ideal for asset tracking solutions and has IP66 protection (Waterproof). Cellocator Cellotrack Power T can update configuration or firmware via OTA and controlled in real-time from a Tracking Management Platform.

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