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TOPFLYTECH TLP1-LF 4G LTE NB / IoT GPS trackerTOPFLYTECH TLP1-LF 4G LTE is a NB / IoT GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking. TOPFLYTECH has designed the housing of TLP1-LF 4G LTE tracker with (IP67 - waterproof) certification, thanks to IP67 certification you can continue working in the GPS tracking of your mobile asset with field service management without fear to that TLP1-LF stop send events in real-time.

TLP1-P 4G LTE NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the TOPFLYTECH brand. Receive in your mobile phone (SMS alerts) every time that the battery of TOPFLYTECH TLP1-P 4G LTE pass the preconfigured limits, thanks to the (SMS alerts) you can be dispose of a better control over your high value mobile asset.

TOPFLYTECH TLP1-P 4G LTE NB / IoT GPS trackerTOPFLYTECH TLP1-P 4G LTE is a NB / IoT GPS tracker for GPS mobile asset tracking. The TLP1-P 4G LTE standalone GPS tracker has a rechargeable Li-Polymer (4800 mAh/3.7V) battery that can during up to: (720 hours of service without reporting, 320 hours reporting every 10 minutes, 250 hours reporting every 5 minutes), ideal for requirements of GPS mobile asset tracking without self-powered.

FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking of the Ruptela brand. Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker include the (OTA - Over the Air) function with that you can be firmware update or change config parameters remotely, using the (OTA) function you save costs in technical services.

Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S GPS vehicle tracker (OTA - Over the Air)Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S is a GPS tracker for GPS vehicle tracking solutions. FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker offers different reports over the (Eco-drive - driving behaviour) that increasing the driving performance of your vehicle, contact with Ruptela to know what type of detection detect over the aggressive driving.

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