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Waterproof (IP67) Teltonika FMA202 GPS Asset tracker integration, designed primarily for monitoring commercial or personal assets.

Teltonika FMA202 GPS Asset Tracker with Waterproof (IP67) casing protectionTeltonika FMA202 has Waterproof (IP67) casing protection and is used for Asset tracking solutions such: heavy machine, motorcycle, taxi, water transport, car rental, etc...

Teltonika FM3622 GPS Asset tracker integration also using for Fleet Management tracking solutions with back up battery (170 mAh Li-ion 3,7V) + GSM/GNSS external antennas.

Teltonika FM3622 GPS Asset Tracker and for Fleet Management solutionsTeltonika FM3622 GPS Asset Tracker and for Fleet Management telematics solutions with GSM/GNSS external antennas + (170mAh Li-ion 3,7V) back up battery.

Teltonika FM3612 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management solutions with back up battery and high gain (GSM internal - GNSS internal) antennas.

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