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Teltonika FMB120 GPS Asset or Fleet Management tracker integration with Bluetooth V3.0 connectivity that allows you to connect external peripherical or make voice calls.

Teltonika FMB120 GPS Asset and Fleet Management Tracker with Bluetooth V3.0Teltonika FMB120 GPS Asset tracker or for Fleet Management with voice calls and dual SIM slot for different communication operators.

Teltonika FMB010 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration for Fleet Management that be connect via Plug and Play to vehicle OBDII port.

Teltonika FMB010 Plug and Play Tracker OBDII port connection with BluetoothTeltonika FMB010 GNSS/GSM tracker with direct vehicle OBDII port connection via Plug and Play mode, used for the Fleet Management.

Teltonika FMB001 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration with easy install via Plug and Play to vehicle OBDII port and his used for Fleet Management solutions.

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