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Teltonika FMB001 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration with easy install via Plug and Play to vehicle OBDII port and his used for Fleet Management solutions.

Teltonika FMB001 GNSS/GSM Tracker with OBDII connection for Fleet ManagementTeltonika FMB001 is an GNSS/GSM tracker for Fleet Management, with easy Plug and Play connection to OBDII vehicle´s port.

FMA120 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand, is a GPS device for Mobile Asset or for vehicle Fleet Management solutions.

Teltonika FMA120 GPS Asset and Fleet Management TrackerTeltonika FMA120 is a GPS Asset Tracker or for vehicle´s Fleet Management solutions, with high sensibility "GSM and GNSS" internal antennas.

FMA110 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand geared to Fleet Management or GPS Asset tracking solutions.

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