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Skywave IDP-782 Hybrid Satellite Based GPS TrackerSkywave IDP-782 Satellite based GPS tracker with dual mode satellite-cellular or cellular communication, IDP-782 is used in telematics Fleet Management applications. GPS tracker Skywave IDP-782 can extract data Can Bus J1939 standards, to provide reports on the Driving control the driver in their field service management and ensure Efficient driving of your fleet in their service routes or deliveries tasks.

Through a fast access and application intuitive Fleet Management not only can locate your fleet in real-time, but also control events any queries, define own points of interest, areas prohibited or allowed access reporting routes and power and effectively make decisions on the management of its fleet.

The term Green Driving means much more than the color type driving.

Usually always say in our company that driving can be labeled in many ways, but never be 'green' in terms of protecting our environment. Much as though we are to ever achieve driving based on renewable energy and vehicles 100% recyclable or re-usable.

One of the most used functions in a Tracking Management Platform services for Fleet Management is the Driver identification management who is responsible for the vehicle being located.

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