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CalAmp LMU-3200 OBDII GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-3200 GPS Vehicle Trackers with direct vehicle OBDII port connection, also used in Fleet Management telematic solutions.

CalAmp LMU-2100 GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-2100 GPS Vehicle Trackers or for Fleet Management solutions, which can send data packets over cellular networks GPRS/EDGE/CDMA 1xRTT/HSPA. LMU-2100 is aimed at Driving control - Efficient driving and provides reports by hard braking, report or reports aggressive impact in your service routes or deliveries tasks of the vehicle acceleration.

AX1000 GPS Tracker integration of Queclink brand. Queclink AX1000 is the new proposal GPS tracking for Fleet Management, Efficient driving and Driving control than Queclink offers. The most interesting features are the reports AX1000 brake control, reports speed (maximum, medium or minimum) over your service routes or deliveries tasks and the emergency call using voice activated Panic button ideal for ensure their automatic vehicle dispatch.

Queclink AX1000 GPS TrackerQueclink AX1000 GPS Vehicle or Fleet Management tracker with Panic button than when activated makes an emergency call and sends the GPS position to a Tracking Management Platform with their hours of service control. The GPS tracker AX1000 is focused on Efficient driving and Driving control of their service routes or deliveries tasks, providing force-acceleration reports braking and control of maximum, medium or minimum speed.

Magneti Marelli TBox GPS TrackerMagneti Marelli TBox GPS Vehicle tarcker and Fleet Management with telematic reports drawn directly from the Can Bus, which ensure the Driving control and Efficient driving to your vehicle fleet in their automatic vehicle dispatch.

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