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Suntech ST4300 NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet managementSuntech ST4300 is a (4G LTE Cat-M1) NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet management. With ST4300 increase the (efficient driving) in your vehicle thanks to the (driving pattern analysis and the crash reconstruction for their careful driving), ST4300 can send these reports to an online server for your management.

ERM ePoly tool integration for supervision the points of interest from the distance. ERM ePoly tool is an alternative solution for add to your daily Fleet Management, ePoly help you to control better the proximity of your points of interest ideal for field service management control.

ERM ePoly tool for supervision points of interestERM ePoly is a tool for supervision points of interest (up to 40.000 predefined POI by latitude/longitude/direction/speed). ERM ePoly interact with a GPS tracker of the StarLink series offer by ERM Electronic System and send the points of interest to a remote server that may have European regulations of tachograph.

Teltonika FM36M1 NB / IoT GPS Tracker integration for Fleet Management. With FM36M1 NB / IoT GPS Tracker of Teltonika you can control the hours of service in your mobile asset or vehicle in real-time from a Tracking Management Platformsending SMS messages from a mobile phone. Using your FM36M1 in our tracking management platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can  control their vehicle event management without requirement limit and manage the control of driving habits of their driver´s, also you can use our REST API to connect existing applications.

Teltonika FM36M1 NB / IoT GPS Tracker for telematics Fleet ManagementTeltonika FM36M1 is a NB / IoT GPS Tracker for telematics Fleet Management. With FM36M1 GPS device of Teltonika you can use the 1-Wire interface to manage the (Driver identification - up to 500 authorized drivers) to control the field service management and improve their control of driving habits or connect a temperature sensor.

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