Teltonika FMB010 Plug and Play Tracker OBDII port connection with BluetoothTeltonika FMB010 GNSS/GSM tracker with direct vehicle OBDII port connection via Plug and Play mode, used for the Fleet Management.

Teltonika FMB001 GPS/GNSS/GSM tracker integration with easy install via Plug and Play to vehicle OBDII port and his used for Fleet Management solutions.

Teltonika FMB001 GNSS/GSM Tracker with OBDII connection for Fleet ManagementTeltonika FMB001 is an GNSS/GSM tracker for Fleet Management, with easy Plug and Play connection to OBDII vehicle´s port.

FMA120 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand, is a GPS device for Mobile Asset or for vehicle Fleet Management solutions.

Teltonika FMA120 GPS Asset and Fleet Management TrackerTeltonika FMA120 is a GPS Asset Tracker or for vehicle´s Fleet Management solutions, with high sensibility "GSM and GNSS" internal antennas.

FMA110 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand geared to Fleet Management or GPS Asset tracking solutions.

Teltonika FMA110 GPS Asset and Fleet Management TrackerTeltonika FMA110 is a GPS Asset Trackers or for solutions of Fleet Management tracking, from a Tracking Management Platform can view all the real-time positions that the device sends.

Finished integration of GPS Asset Trackers and Router GPS 3G/4G model LMU-5530 of the CalAmp brand. The Router GPS and tracker CalAmp LMU-5530 besides function as cellular communications Gateway, can connect to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth 4.0 to send all the data stored in its memory if no cellular coverage LTE/HSPA.

CalAmp LMU-5530 3G/4G Router Asset GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-5530 it is a 3G/4G Router GPS with Gateway cellular functions capable of virtual server and it is also using in asset tracking solutions. The Router GPS LMU-5530 of CalAmp can send data over conventional cellular networks and when there is no coverage you can connect to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth 4.0 to send all the data stored in memory.

LMU-4520 GPS tracker integration of CalAmp brand, designed for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. The hybrid GPS tracker CalAmp LMU-4520 can send data packet via GPRS/SMS/IP to a Tracking Management Platform where you monitor in real-time,

CalAmp LMU-4520 Hybrid GSM/Satellite GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-4520 GPS Vehicle Trackers dual hybrid for Fleet Management with communication via GSM/GPRS/CDMA/HSPA and as an extra option can connect with Iridium satellite mode network or Wi-Fi networks. The GPS tracker LMU-4520 is geared towards Efficient driving vehicles or fleets and it provides reports of driver's driving behavior and reports impacts on the vehicle.

CalAmp LMU-3200 OBDII GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-3200 GPS Vehicle Trackers with direct vehicle OBDII port connection, also used in Fleet Management telematic solutions.

CalAmp LMU-2100 GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-2100 GPS Vehicle Trackers or for Fleet Management solutions, which can send data packets over cellular networks GPRS/EDGE/CDMA 1xRTT/HSPA. LMU-2100 is aimed at Driving control - Efficient driving and provides reports by hard braking, report or reports aggressive impact of the vehicle acceleration.

AX1000 GPS Tracker integration of Queclink brand. Queclink AX1000 is the new proposal GPS tracking for Fleet Management, Efficient driving and Driving control than Queclink offers. The most interesting features are the reports AX1000 brake control, reports speed (maximum, medium or minimum) and the emergency call using voice activated Panic button.

Queclink AX1000 GPS TrackerQueclink AX1000 GPS Vehicle or Fleet Management tracker with Panic button than when activated makes an emergency call and sends the GPS position to a Tracking Management Platform. The GPS tracker AX1000 is focused on Efficient driving and Driving control, providing force-acceleration reports braking and control of maximum, medium or minimum speed.

Magneti Marelli TBox GPS TrackerMagneti Marelli TBox GPS Vehicle tarcker and Fleet Management with telematic reports drawn directly from the Can Bus, which ensure the Driving control and Efficient driving to your vehicle fleet. GPS tracker TBox reserve one of its digital inputs for Panic button and one for ignition, also has voice function to communicate with the driver of the vehicle. Magneti Marelli TBox is able to send data to a Tracking Management Platform using GPRS/UDP or can also send data via SMS, TBox is mainly used in fleet management, tracking and monitoring or vehicle recovery.

MTC-700 Sunbird GPS tracker integration of Maxtrack brand, dsigned for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. GPS tracker MaxTrack MTC-700 Sunbird sends telematics diagnostic extracted directly from the vehicle Can Bus,

MaxTrack MTC-700 Sunbird GPS TrackerMaxTrack MTC-700 Sunbird GPS Vehicle tracker and Fleet Management with direct Can Bus (Can 2.0) telematic reports, MTC-700 allows you to connect an external satellite modem to lose GPRS coverage. MaxTrack MTC-700 is a GPS tracker oriented to Driving control and Efficient driving vehicle fleets demanding, where they need to extract as possible telematic information. MTC-700 also has inputs for connecting microphone and speaker for direct communication with the driver.

Velio VDM OBDII GPS Tracker integration details, for Fleet Management and vehicle tracking. Velio VDM OBDII reduce installation costs in its fleet as it is a Plug and Play module with direct connection of the vehicle OBDII port.

Velio VDM OBDII GPS TrackerVelio VDM OBDII GPS Vehicle tracker and Fleet Management with direct connection to OBDII port, to provide telematics ECU and Can Bus diagnostics. With the GPS tracker Velio you can receive reports speed, mileage and fuel consumption; by internal G-Force sensor can control the driving behavior of the driver and thus ensure the Efficient driving of its fleet.

IDP-782 Satellite based GPS tracker integration of Skywave brand, used in Fleet Management location solutions. Skywave IDP-782 can be controlled from a Tracking Management Platform in real-time with any limits of riqueriments.

Skywave IDP-782 Hybrid Satellite Based GPS TrackerSkywave IDP-782 Satellite based GPS tracker with dual mode satellite-cellular or cellular communication, IDP-782 is used in telematics Fleet Management applications. GPS tracker Skywave IDP-782 can extract data Can Bus J1939 standards, to provide reports on the Driving control the driver and ensure Efficient driving your fleet.

Through a fast access and application intuitive Fleet Management not only can locate your fleet in real-time, but also control events any queries, define own points of interest, areas prohibited or allowed access reporting routes and power and effectively make decisions on the management of its fleet.

The term Green Driving means much more than the color type driving.

Usually always say in our company that driving can be labeled in many ways, but never be 'green' in terms of protecting our environment. Much as though we are to ever achieve driving based on renewable energy and vehicles 100% recyclable or re-usable.

One of the most used functions in a Tracking Management Platform services for Fleet Management is the Driver identification management who is responsible for the vehicle being located.