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GH5200 GPS personal tracker integration of Teltonika brand. Teltonika GH5200 Standalone GPS device integrate a 1050mAh rechargeable battery and 5 configurable buttons to increase safety in the personal GPS tracking or lone worker tracking.

Teltonika GH5200 Standalone GPS tracker for GPS personal trackingTeltonika GH5200 is a Standalone GPS tracker with 1050mAh battery for GPS personal tracking. Through (Bluetooth) connectivity of GH5200 GPS personal tracker of Teltonika you can exchange data in short distances without need to use wires of connection.

Istartek PT23 GPS Watch integration with Beidou/GPS/Wi-Fi fix for GPS Personal tracking. Istartek PT23 is a GPS tracker with voice call and two-way communication with the person that has PT23, the voice call can send to a predefined phone numbers list to protect and safety in their field service management.

Istartek PT23 GPS Watch with Beidou/GPS/Wi-Fi fix for GPS Personal trackingIstartek PT23 is a GPS Watch with Beidou/GPS/Wi-Fi fix for GPS Personal tracking. The Istartek PT23 GPS Watch has (IP67 - Waterproof) protection in his plastic cover, you can make the GPS Personal tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks with extreme weather conditions without fear to lost positions.

Istartek PT21 GPS animal tracker integration and Standalone GPS with rechargeable battery. Istartek PT21 it is also a GPS tracker with voice call, SOS call, two-way call; ideal to protect your animal or pet, this function is a great alternative for personal tracking.

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