Queclink GV50 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management and GPS Asset Tracking

Queclink GV50 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management and GPS Asset Tracking. You can configure the following preventive SMS alerts on GV50 GPS device of Queclink: (special alarm based on digital inputs, tow detection alarm, geofence), if one alert is active you receive a SMS message on the mobile phone.

You can configure on Queclink GV50 GPS tracker different virtual geofences (up to 20 circular geofences - up to 20 polygonal geofences) and when GV50 tracker crossing a geofence you receive the exact "Geo Location" on your mobile phone. With the "crash detection" function that integrates GV50 GPS device of Queclink, you can manage the "Driving control" and driving analysis thanks that GV50 device can record data of crash accident. To improve the Fleet Management, Queclink GV50 GPS tracker detect the following "Driving behaviour´s": harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering. The best option to controlled GV50 GPS device of Queclink in real-time is through a Tracking Management Platform always online.