How vehicle telematics is changing fleet management

How vehicle telematics is changing fleet management

The use of vehicle telematics is changing fleet management in many aspects. It becomes crucial not only for vehicles, but for the whole organization and team of a company.


Vehicle telematics for automobiles

The use of vehicle telematics in a fleet has a lot of advantages. Fleet vehicles incorporating telematics devices are less susceptible to accidents, theft and breakdowns. This is because vehicle telematics makes possible a better maintenance of the cars. The vehicles are more efficient and there is a reduction in maintenance costs. On the other hand, the vehicle telematics devices make it possible to locate a stolen or damaged vehicle. In the same way, managers can see if the doors have been opened. Thus, the management center knows if the load or occupants of the vehicle remain inside, minimizing losses and damages.


Improving drivers’ behaviour

More and more drivers accept vehicle telematics devices and are willing to incorporate them into their vehicles. The main reason is that they understand that these devices offer great advantages in road safety and work productivity. It is true that some drivers are still reticent, but an easy way to motivate them can be the gamification of their activities. Many companies come up with a competition among employees system. The Fleet Management Software or vehicle telematics system gives the score of each of them and one is proclaimed a winner. Rewards can also be offered to the driver for each report with favorable results. Each company finds the system that best suits their needs.


Advantages for fleet managers

The fleet control center also obtains great benefits from the use of vehicle telematics. First, the fleet managers get better analysis and more clarity in the daily management of their fleet. This allows them to make informed decisions and create new business strategies. On the other hand, vehicle telematics systems collect data that can be useful to meet legal requirements, lower the price of insurance fees, or recognize optimization potentials. In addition, vehicle telematics devices streamline communication between drivers and the management center. In this way, empty vehicle trips are avoided, unauthorized use of automobiles is reduced, and time and money are saved by avoiding telephone calls.


Impact of vehicle telematics on clients

It may seem that the use of vehicle telematics only has an impact on the internal functioning of the company. But these systems also offer advantages for customers. In the first place, the telematic control of the vehicles allows greater efficiency. If the fleet is efficient, the customer will be more satisfied with its services. And for that reason, having a vehicle telematics system has a positive effect on the brand image. Customers appreciate the innovation and efficiency of the business, and are more likely to use their services.


The future of vehicle telematics could be in the video. Video footage from the inside and outside of a vehicle could give even more information than the current, already very complete, reports. In any case, having one of these systems is essential for an efficient fleet management. If you want to know more or get a personalized telematics solution for your business, visit our Telematic Consulting service and ask for more information.