Queclink GV56 GPS tracker integration for fleet management solutions

GV56 GPS tracker integration for fleet management of the Queclink brand. Up to (40 circular / polygonal - virtual geofences) is possible delimit in Queclink GV56 tracker to improve your vehicle security and the field service management, GV56 send notifications to your mobile phone when detect that your vehicle cross the virtual geofences.

Using the different "SMS alerts" of GV56 GPS tracker you increasing the safety in your daily fleet management, can config the follow alerts: (tow alert, jamming alert, digital input alert, virtual geofences alert for service routes or deliveries tasks), Queclink GPS tracker send the SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone. 3 real-time tracking modes offers Queclink GV56 to locate your vehicle: (sending commands with SMS messages, from the Queclink online server, using an external tracking management platform "edit default IP/port in device config"), from the online services you can create and manage the (SMS alerts / events). To increase your vehicle performance, GV56 GPS tracker offer the detection of the follows "driving behaviour´s": (crash detection, aggressive driving detection, harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration), thanks to the reports of "Efficient Driving - Driving style control" you save costs in your vehicle. Queclink GV56 integrate a (1-wire) interface that allow manage the unauthorized driving through iButton key or that you connect a "temperature sensor" and control the hours of service in your vehicle temperature in real-time. GV56 GPS tracker can be make 2-way communications or send data packets through the "Bluetooth 3.0 / 4.0" connectivity, contact with Queclink to know that type of external devices can connect through Bluetooth to GV56 tracker.