CalAmp TTU-3640 Waterproof + Communication Gateway GPS tracker integration

CalAmp TTU-3640 Waterproof IP67 + Communication Gateway GPS tracker integration. Through a Tracking Management Platform, you can control the hours of service in TTU-3640 Communication Gateway of CalAmp the 24 hours a day with field service management control and their fuel consumption control.

CalAmp TTU-3640 GPS tracker offer the following events: (tilt detection, harsh movement detection, impact detection, aggressive driving), these scheduled reports help to better the "Driving behaviour´s". With TTU-3640 Communication Gateway of CalAmp you can manage the "Driver identification" in your service routes or deliveries tasks using 1-Wire interface and you can avoid the unauthorized driving in your mobile asset or vehicle in their automatic vehicle dispatch. Connect some external peripherical or mobile applications to CalAmp TTU-3640 Communication Gateway using (Bluetooth - Wi-Fi) connectivity and reduce costs in extra installations. In addition, TTU-3640 Communication Gateway of CalAmp can extract data from Can Bus (J1939, J1708) of your mobile asset or vehicle. With TTU-3640 you can also use an REST API to connect existing applications from our tracking management platform that has European regulations of tachograph.