ATrack AK7(S) vehicle GPS tracker integration with OTA function

AK7(S) (UMTS/HSPA/CDMA) vehicle GPS tracker integration of ATrack brand. With ATrack AK7(S) you can reduce costs in technical services if use the (OTA - Over the Air) function, with OTA can firmware upgrade remotely without disconnect AK7(S) of your vehicle.

In the digital inputs of AK7(S) GPS vehicle tracker, you can connect some external components: (doors sensor, on/off button, panic button for emergency messages, etc...) and on the digital outputs connect: (relay, buzzer). ATrack AK7(S) accept 3 tracking modes: (sending commands with mobile phone text messages, using server offer by ATrack, from an external tracking management platform), the data packets with scheduled reports can send with the (TCP/IP - UDP/IP - SMS) protocols. With AK7(S) and his "1-Wire" interface, can manage the hours of service of: (the temperature of your vehicle connecting an temperature sensor, the trailer ID, use iButtons for driver identification). Thanks to "RS232 4 pin connector" port, you can connect the follow external hardware with ATrack AK7(S) GPS vehicle tracker: (ATrack CAN solution, OBDII cigar power cable, Garmin PND (FMI 2.0), CMOS Camera, RFID reader & Tag) improving the technical functions of tracker. ATrack has designed AK7(S) tracker with an 3-axis accelerometer that is capable of detect any movement or impact in your vehicle, thanks to 3-axis accelerometer you improving the performance of your vehicle and increase the driving control.